More and more people are asking whether it is possible to charge their electric car at home with a 3kW meter, and the answer from DazeTechnology, a company specialising in the supply of wallboxes for domestic use, is yes as long as the mileage does not exceed 80/100 km.

To charge your car at home, it is important to have an advanced wallbox, such as the DazeBox C home wallbox from DazeTechnology. Alternatively, one can use the classic portable charger (more precisely Type 2 adapter) connected to a single-phase line fed by a 3 kW meter. The advantage of the solutions offered by DazeTechnology is that the cost of electricity is far lower than that of public charging stations. So let’s see how to recharge your car at home with a 3kW meter.

How to recharge your electric car at home

To charge an electric car at home and travel 80 km, one must take into account a consumption of 16 and 20 KwH per 100 km. This means that between 13 and 16 kWh of energy will be needed and 8 to 9 hours will be required to recharge 15 kWh on the electric car battery.

Those who start charging at night at midnight for 7am will get 14kWHh at a cost of €4 and will be able to cover 60 to 80 km. Today, the charging system can be started and stopped by programming the time from the app and using a WiFi switch for remote control.

The wallbox and the incentives to buy it

Charging electric cars at home is also convenient and the government has made available a 90 million euro treasury to incentivise the installation of wallboxes and electric car charging stations for businesses and professionals. The measure is financed with a 40 per cent contribution to which, however, one is only entitled by fulfilling certain conditions.

Eligible expenditure, net of VAT, applies to the purchase and installation of the following charging infrastructure:

  • Wallbox in AC with 1 charging point and power between 7 kW and 22 kW: 2,500 €;
  • AC columns with 2 charging points and power between 7 kW and 22 kW: 8,000 €;
  • DC infrastructure up to 50 kW: 1,000 €/kW;
  • DC infrastructure over 50 kW: 50,000 €;
  • DC infrastructure over 100 kW: 75,000 €.

Some expenses, such as taxes and fees, consultancy or authorisations are excluded. The grant may only be awarded once to each professional or enterprise

Not only companies and professionals: incentives for private individuals

DazeTechnolgy offers customers advanced and innovative solutions for recharging their electric cars at home, and here too there are incentives and facilities for private individuals. The main one is the Car Bonus also known as Ecobonus or Eco-incentive to buy electric, hybrid and low-emission cars, motorbikes and scooters.  It is an allowance for natural persons and concerns in 2022 all cars with an emission range of between 0 and 20 grams of CO2 per km, but also electric and hybrid mopeds and motorbikes.

The stop of petrol, diesel and LPG cars in 2035 in Europe is an increasingly real prospect that will prompt many to opt for an electric or hybrid car. Don’t miss the chance to buy your car and combine it with a modern home charging system like the one offered by DazeTechnology.

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