One of the main advantages of the electric car is the possibility of charging at home and in the garage in the evening and programming the charging even remotely with an app. To those wondering how to recharge the DazeTechnology electric car, remember that the domestic wall boxcosts half of the price compared to public columns, and the only disadvantage is that it takes more time since the home system has a power of 3 kW. However, thanks to charging infrastructures with adjustable current, it can be recharged at night, while those who want to do it during the day will have to upgrade the line from 3kW to 6kW.

The best way to recharge the electric car is the wall box, which transforms the socket into an advanced charging point. It is a mechanism proposed by DazeTechnology whose installation is regulated by precise regulations, which indicate criteria and parameters for safety such as CEI EN 61851-1.

The Wall Box allows you to recharge with a direct connection to a Schuko or Industrial socket(Mode 1) or with a cable with a Control Box (Mode 2), which guarantees greater safety of recharging operations.

The advantages of the public column

The electric car certainly represents the future of traffic, even if it requires an efficient charging network to allow you to travel long distances without having to run out of battery. For this reason, the advantages of the public column are:

  • An incentive to the use of eco-sustainable means given the presence of numerous charging stations along the motorist’s route;
  • Reduction of consumption given that electric cars have an autonomy that starts from 170-200 m and the costs of recharging and consumption are significantly lower than those of oil, which are constantly increasing;
  • Comfort: while the car is recharged at the column, the user can run errands as these structures are located in companies, airports, stations, and shopping centers. Once the tasks are finished, the car is taken back, now charged, and ready for use.

The disadvantages of the public column

If the public charging station for electric cars has many advantages, there are also disadvantages, and among these there are:

  • Poor presence of charging columns and not easy localization;
  • Risk of finding the column occupied if you do not book it in time with the need to plan the route well in advance;
  • Higher recharge costs according to consumption or subscription to those of the domestic wall box.

The advantages of private home charging

Given the disadvantages of the column and public charging systems, DazeTechnology recommends focusing on the domestic Wall Box to be installed in the house, condominium, or garage. The important thing is to always buy the product that best suits your needs and pay attention to the installation procedures.

Generally, the wall box must be purchased from the electricity supplier or industry specialists such as DazeTechnology, taking advantage of the offers.

Some incentives are combined with the purchase of the green car and provide for a tax discount of 50% on the cost of installing the wall box, recoverable in 10 years with the tax return.

The disadvantages of private home recharging

There are also some disadvantages for those who recharge the electric car at home. For example, standard or Schuko sockets are not designed and built to withstand without damage to high powers for many consecutive hours. For this reason, it is better to use an industrial Ce socket, much more robust and safe than a normal Schuko.

Furthermore, charging the electric car requires the use of special adapters and connectors, and among the most used are the Type 2, the Chademo socket, and the CCS Combo 2 socket. For those wishing to charge the car at home, DazeTechnology recommends installing an industrial-type socket or, even better, focusing on the wall box a device that allows you to intelligently manage the refueling of the vehicle according to different parameters, such as the level of the different domestic electrical loads, the possible energy production of your photovoltaic system, etc.

In this regard, DazeTechnology offers the private user DazeBox C and DazeMax C, optimal for public spaces and designed to offer the best-shared charging experience thanks to the locking-unlocking system by means of authorization with a proprietary key or app. The vandal-proof metal body makes it equally suitable for any type of installation. Contact us for more information!