More and more people find themselves having to buy a wall box to charge their electric car. So let’s see what to take into consideration when choosing the best Wall Box available on the market and what solution the specialists at DazeTechnology propose.

Buying a wall box means having the convenience of charging your electric car at home, which is why it is an increasingly popular device.

What is a wallbox

The term wall box refers to a compact, wall-mounted home electric car charging system that is compatible with all electric car models. We can say that the wall box is an intelligent evolution of the standard domestic socket, which enables faster and safer recharging because it can transmit more energy to the car battery and faster.

For the installation of the wall box, it is best to comply with the CEI EN 61851-1 standard and to rely on a specialised technician such as DazeTechnology, who will check the safety requirements under Italian law. In particular, the connection of the vehicle to the power supply network must be in AC or alternating current mode.

How to choose the best wallbox

Let us now see which elements to take into consideration when choosing the best wall box:

  1. Power and recharging time: it is to be known that there are wall boxes of different power ratings, 7.7kW, 7.4kW and 22kW. The first two types are suitable for single-phase installations, while the 22kW version for three-phase configurations. Choosing the right model requires paying attention to the maximum power at which the car can be charged in order to keep the battery intact and prevent it from overheating.
  2. Meter power: Another aspect to check is the power of the meter: for example, if you have a 4.5 kW meter, a lower power wall box is ideal to use at night to avoid blowing the power, or you can consider increasing the power of the meter.
  3. Recharging times: here it must be taken into account that the battery of electric cars has an uneven absorption, which slows down when 80% charge is reached. It may therefore be useful to keep the charge level always within 80% to reduce the time. We can say that a 3kW home wall box takes 8-10 hours for an 80 per cent charge compared to 4 hours for a 6kW charging station.
  4. Type of connectors: The electrical socket of the Wall Box must in practice match that of the vehicle, which requires a cable with the correct electrical plugs at its ends. Electric plugs can be two for alternating current (AC), suitable for charging up to 43 kW, and two for direct current (DC), up to 350 kW.
  5. Cable length: In this case the minimum length to connect the WallBox to the vehicle is 5 metres.

The solutions offered by DazeTechnology

For electric car owners, DazeTechnology offers the DazeBox C home wall box, which allows the car to be charged as fast as possible without ever losing power thanks to the Dynamic Power Management system.

This electric car charging point is characterised by its elegant design suitable for indoor and outdoor use and the use of the best current monitoring systems certifies DazeBox C as one of the safest and most reliable wallboxes on the market. Moreover, with the dedicated application, it will be even easier to manage and monitor the parameters of your DazeBox C.

Recall that the DazeBox of DazeTechnology  is available in single-phase or three-phase version, with cable of 3, 5 or 7m and with a renewed energy management thanks to the new version of Dynamic Power Management with Solar Boost (to utilise the energy produced by the photovoltaic system). Contact us for more information!