If you have an electric car, you cannot be unfamiliar with BeCharge, the electric mobility operator that is part of the Be Power group. BeCharge has created one of the largest and most extensive networks for charging electric cars and now has a few hundred charging stations, with the promise of more in the future.

The group’s network includes charging stations with alternating current and two sockets of 22 kW each, and the company relies heavily on FAST charging. The electric car driver can find the nearest charging station with the iOS and Android smartphone app with which to manage charging, and the administration, companies, accommodation facilities and supermarkets can also request the installation of a public charging point very easily.

What do I need to recharge my car at the BeCharge station?

Type 2 charging cable and the installation of the app in a smartphone equipped with a network are required to recharge the column. The Internet connection allows you to start and stop charging, and the app is accessed by creating a personal account on which personal data, tax code and e-invoicing data can be entered if you are a private citizen, while companies will have to add additional information.

The accepted payment method is the credit card and as far as costs are concerned, recharging with BeCharge can be done with pay-as-you-go or prepaid packages. In the first case, 0.45 euro will be charged per kWh delivered (0.50 euro in Fast). Everything will be invoiced at the end of the charging session. As far as flat plans are concerned, the company offers packages of 100 kWh at EUR 38 per month or 50 kWh at EUR 21 per month.

To recharge, simply start the app, wait for the geolocation on the map, and choose the available post and sockets. Now click on ‘Activate Charging’, take the electric car cable and plug it into the socket. Now the charging station dispenses power and the driver can check the status of the charging process, interrupting the supply at any time by clicking on ‘End Charging‘ and disconnecting the charging station cable. The last step is to wait for the notification of the recharge, again via the app.

Beyond public charging: charging at home

DazeTechnology is the home charging specialist and offers electric car drivers a viable alternative to public charging. Among the solutions offered to our customers are:

Placed on the ground in the parking area, it automatically connects to the vehicle when it is parked. The connection is made through a socket installed under the vehicle. DazePlug is not an inductive or wireless charger. It makes a true connection, so it can charge at high power without compromising efficiency.

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