Despite the heavy price increases on energy, there has been no impact so far on the Italian car market and in particular on the sale of new and electric cars. In the first eight months of 2022, electrically recharged cars (both full electrics and plug-in hybrids) saw a 21.6 per cent increase in market share.

This growth is also due to the fact that buying an electric car is a sustainable choice, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions, but also to the fact that 70,000 electric cars require less than 0.4 per cent of the country’s electricity consumption. Therefore, you do not risk a power shortage, especially if you have purchased high-efficiency models.

The energy market situation

The energy market in this 2022 has experienced constant bill increases and in July the price was 41.51 euro cents per kilowatt hour including taxes. In detail, this figure is to be divided between:

  • 31.17 euro cents (75.1% of the total bill) for energy procurement costs, up 0.5% compared to Q2 2022;
  • 1.91 euro cents (4.6% of the total bill) for retail marketing, unchanged from Q2 2022.

In addition to the energy costs, there are also the costs for transport and meter operation, amounting to 3.85 euro cents, and system charges amounting to 0%, as the state has decided to reduce this cost item to zero in the second quarter of 2022. The energy price increases were certainly caused by the particular historical period we are going through, which has seen:

  • rising raw material costs;
  • the concomitant increase in the costs of energy producing companies
  • the conflict between Russia and Ukraine;
  • the global economic crisis triggered by the pandemic.

The spread of electric cars in 2022

Many may wonder how many electric cars there are in the world, and analysts at Bloomberg NEFhave estimated that to date, battery-powered cars are one step closer to crossing the 12 millionmark with the spread of electric vehicles accelerating at an ever-increasing pace.

Of these, 70 per cent have been sold in the last three years and half in the last year and a half, and compared to only five years ago, the number of electric cars has risen from 1 to 12 million. Driving this phenomenon and encouraging the spread of electric cars was the setting of the Paris Agreement climate targets.

As a result, car manufacturers have increased production and produced new models while an increasing number of governments, including the Italian ones in recent years, have proposed and renewed economic incentives for the purchase of full electric vehicles.

Why the electric car pays off

There are many reasons why even in 2022, despite rising electricity costs, it makes sense to buy an electric car:

  •  advantages in city traffic: electric cars also circulate in LTZs, are not subject to traffic blocks due to pollution and can enter the city centre. In addition to this, they enjoy the fact that they can park freely in the yellow and blue car parks, the reserved and paid areas;
  • Ecobonus and stamp duty exemptions: even if the cost of an electric car is higher than that of a conventional car, today betting on electric is advantageous due to the presence of Ecobonus and stamp duty exemptions with also a scrapping bonus. In addition to the benefits approved by the Budget Law, there are also the plans provided by the different regions, which are cumulative. No less important is the exemption of the car vignette for five years throughout Italy, which becomes permanent in Lombardy and Piedmont, while in Valle d’Aosta it goes up to eight years;
  • Insurance advantages: among the advantages of buying an electric car are insurance advantages, as several insurance companies have lower rates for motor third party liability insurance for electric vehicles.

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