Generation Z, i.e. young people between the ages of 11 and 30 who are or are about to become future car owners, represent a cross-section of what mobility will be in the near future. This is no small consideration considering the car’s electrification plan. So let’s see what young people think about the electric car and why this means of transport is considered trendy. decided to conduct a survey of 2,800 young people to find out how much young people know about electric cars and, above all, what their approach is to a mobility that is profoundly changing. The results show that for 9 out of 10 young people, the car is no longer a status symbol, but must meet their mobility needs. Only for 10% of the respondents it is a passion and even fewer, 2%, think of the car as a status symbol.

It remains unchanged for 85% of young people to own a car at the age of 35, and only 5% consider renting an electric car on a long-term basis. Finally, 10 per cent of Generation Z are willing to resort to car sharing and other forms of mobility, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In general, what emerges from the surveys is that the electric is trendy and has made inroads into the hearts of Generation Z, who focus on the social value of the product and environmental sustainability. Goals that governments around the world are planning to achieve with the electric turnaround.

Car characteristics for young people

Among the features of the electric car most appreciated by young people are functionality and convenience, which are considered when buying a new or used vehicle. Size does not matter and city cars and small cars are increasingly appreciated (22% of respondents) for their low emissions, ease of getting around and finding parking space and competitive prices.

Young women also prefer smaller cars, which are indispensable for getting around the overcrowded and busy city streets and certainly more their size (33%). To date, only 13 per cent of respondents still succumb to the allure of SUVs, crossovers and off-road vehicles as a sign of a desire for adventure and the answer to the need to move on dirt roads and snowy trails.

61% of Generation Z are looking for a 5-door car, 82% want one with a manual gearbox and the car manufacturers that young people tend to lean towards the most are: Fiat (30%), Volkswagen (21%) and Audi (19%). Toyota (17 per cent), BMW (13 per cent) and Ford (12 per cent) also held up well.

Young people’s opinion on the electric car

Of those who had the opportunity to get into an electric car, 41% of respondents were amazed by the quietness of the engine, 26% by the comfort, while 14% were captivated by the futuristic on-board technology.

In comparison, the over-65s are particularly interested in buying a hybrid vehicle (61%), while for young people aged between 15 and 29, a petrol or diesel car would be the option they would like least (25%).

Among young Italians, the widely prevailing trend is to choose an electric (39%) or hybrid (36%) vehicle.

Regarding the preference for the electric car, 27% of Italian buyers are in favour of this type of vehicle as their next car, although to a lesser extent than the Spanish (34%). The Germans and the French express the most reservations about buying an electric car (same percentage, 23%).

Why drive an electric car

Underlying the decision to drive an electric car is the desire of 82% of Italians to combat climate change by changing behaviour in their daily lives. These are some of the findings of the second publication of the EIB Climate Survey 2021-2022 released by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

In Italy, only 22 per cent of those intending to buy a new car would opt for a petrol or diesel car, while 78 per cent of likely buyers say they would choose a hybrid or electric car. This is an important sign of change that companies specializing in electric vehicles and their charging such as DazeTechnology must take into account when formulating their product and service offering to customers.