Smart Grid

A Smart Grid is an intelligent electrical network that integrates advanced communication and control technologies to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of electricity distribution. This system enables more accurate and dynamic energy management, allowing bidirectional energy flow, real-time monitoring, and distribution optimization.

The adoption of Smart Grids supports the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs). Since electric mobility involves charging vehicles using electricity, a Smart Grid can address challenges associated with increasing electricity demand, such as:

  • Load management: Smart Grids enable balancing the energy demand for EV charging to avoid overloads on the grid. By monitoring and controlling the load, energy can be evenly distributed, preventing excessive peaks that could cause disruptions or stability issues.
  • Smart charging: Smart Grid technology facilitates intelligent charging of electric vehicles. For instance, charging can be scheduled during off-peak hours of lower energy demand, reducing the load on the grid and optimizing energy usage.