On October the 22nd/23rd/24th DazeTechnology participated in SMAU, the innovation and digital technologies fair that saw as guests many realities, from the leading players in the industry to the most promising Startups.

For over 50 years, SMAU has been a point of reference for anyone with the desire for innovation in both private and public sectors. The fair, with its 88 partners and over 50,000 attendees among entrepreneurs, public administrations and managers, is the ideal place to understand in which direction technology and innovation are moving. For the participants there was the opportunity to establish relationships with investors, find new partners and expand their commercial network. All this made SMAU a flagship event in October for the world of innovation and digital. With over 300 workshops on the most topical issues, SMAU is also seen as a training opportunity for individuals, companies and public administrations.

DazeTechnology participated in the Startups space dedicated with its two flagship products: DazePlug and DazeBox. DazePlug, the first conductive automatic charger for electric vehicles. DazeBox, the wallbox oriented towards design with an energy balancing system and environmental LEDs.