The Future Mobility Expoforum 2019 took place in Turin. Two days to grasp the mobilty of tomorrow. Companies, public administrations, regulators, researchers and analysts gathered in Centro Congressi Lingotto,  proposing solutions, projects and activities related to mobility.

The event consisted of many themes on both private and public transport, with a focus on the electric world and all the infrastructure necessary for the development of a widespread network. One of the most interesting themes was the autonomous driving. Needless to say, the self-driving is an actual topic in Turin, since the city is at the forefront  of promoting autonomous vehicles that until now have been viewed only in testing phase. The innovation in many field such as that of electronic, batteries, engine and many other has impacted not only passenger transport, but also freight transport.  In fact, many drone are available on the market for shipping and logistic services.

Among the topic could not miss the micromobility, a theme that currently create a lot of curiosity but also doubts, questions and requests. The use of electric bicycle and electric scooters during urban movement is spreading more and more in Italy and all over the world. For this reason a National Conference took place in Turin to discuss and clarify several important questions relating the regulations that revolve around the micromobility and its diffusion. In addiction, a lot of conferences on mobility have been held for the whole duration of the event.

DazeTechnology set up a booth and took part in E-Mobility: hybrids and batteries on Monday 18 November. Conference related to electric mobility and charging systems, a world that is being developing at a speed that we have never seen before. This is exactly why regulators and the whole supply chain of the automotive sector  is moving in this directions. To top it all, a complete overview on green mobility has been presented and the need of an omogeneous development of infrastructure and services network has been highlighted.