DazeTechnology among the exhibitors at the Climate Innovation Exchange in Abu Dhabi from 12 to 16 January 2020. During the 5 days event, DazePlug and DazeBox were presented to the public of the United Arab Emirates.

During the Clix, solutions and technologies aimed at change were promoted, all within the week dedicated to sustainability in Abu Dhabi. Innovations from all over the world have been subdivided into four macro categories: mobility, energy, space and food.

Within the mobility category, DazeTechnology took the opportunity to present DazePlug and DazeBox to visitors, investors and local authorities. DazePlug is the innovative automatic charging system for electric vehicles, while DazeBox is a classic home wallbox with an integrated dynamic power management system. On January the 15thGiacomo Zenoni, co-founder of DazeTechnology, took the stage of the national exhibition center in Abu Dhabi. During his speech, the Bergamo-based entrepreneur stressed how DazePlug represents a turning point in the automatic charging systems created so far.

During the five days, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors gathered to promote solutions to the major challenges of sustainability and climate change. The initiative was therefore a particularly important stage for DazeTechnology, which had a unique opportunity to present its charging solutions in a city sensitive to the development and spread of electric mobility.

Abu Dhabi and all the UAE have recently declared great interest and political will in the decarbonisation of the economy, shifting investments in renewable energy to the detriment of fossil fuels for the first time in history.
With the aim of combining sustainability and efficiency, the emirates have set themselves as a reference point for organizations and nations that intend to review their environmental impact and introduce positive changes for both the economy and the environment.