The electric mobility revolution continues to make giant strides. Daze presents its new charging station for electric cars: Dazebox Share, designed specifically for shared spaces such as hotels, restaurants, campsites, corporate parking lots, and much more. With advanced technical features and a design focused on practicality and efficiency. 

Here are the main innovations that distinguish this new product.

Advanced Power Sharing

For networks with many chargers, Dazebox Share integrates advanced Power Sharing functionality with a master/slave system, capable of optimizing charging power by distributing it equally to all vehicles being charged. Each master charger can manage up to a maximum of 50 slave chargers.

Integrated 4G Connectivity

In addition to internet connectivity via WiFi or Ethernet, Dazebox Share versions are equipped with an integrated 4G modem, ensuring not only fast charging for the vehicle but also a stable connection to make the most of all functionalities.

MID Certified Meter

Dazebox Share, in its version with an integrated MID meter, guarantees precision and reliability in measuring the consumed electric energy. With MID certification, Daze offers accurate monitoring of energy consumption during vehicle charging, ensuring maximum transparency for users.

Remote Control and Web Portal

Thanks to the charger’s internet connection, it is possible to start and manage the charging remotely, without the need to be nearby and connected to Dazebox via Bluetooth. Without any additional cost, you can use a professional tool to manage an unlimited number of chargers. The Daze Web Portal allows you to manage users and RFID cards, examine charging sessions, and calculate their cost.

The new Dazebox Share is an excellent solution for shared spaces. For private parking environments, Daze offers Dazebox Home, equipped with an integrated cable or socket. This product, entirely Made in Italy, has been awarded for its clear and compact design by Archiproducts in the System Components and Materials category and by the German Design Council for Automotive Parts and Accessories. Discover all the other products on the website or contact Daze for any needs.