Fabryka Samochodów Elektrycznych is a Polish company that creates innovative modular solutions for light electric delivery vehicles. Since 2013 FSE has been working on the development of solutions for green electric transport and is now looking for investors with a crowdfunding campaign.

The technology developed by FSE enables all kinds of urban transport at zero emissions. Furthermore their modular solutions for light electric delivery vehicles allow to meet the needs of private users, municipal authorities, local governments, municipal enterprises and non-governmental organizations. The electric vans of FSE are equiped with an innovative bidirectional charging system that allows to push electricity to the ev battery and to push it back to the grid. Currently very few vehicles are fitted with this system and this represents one of the strengths of the company. Furthermore, it is possible to install solar pannels on the vehicles, extending the real driving range. All of this is possible due to a team composed by higly skilled international automotive managers full of passion and willingness to act.

Another highlight is DazePlug, an autonomous conductive charging system for electric vehicles provided by DazeTechnology.
It’s a device placed on the floor of the parking area, which automatically connects to the vehicle when it is parked.
DazePlug eliminates the possibility of forgetting to charge the vehicle, removes any kind of obstacle since it is located under the truck and finally eliminates any risk arising from the presence of a free power cable walkable.
The connection is made through a small inlet installed under the vehicle. DazePlug is not an inductive or wireless charger, it makes physical connection, so it can charge at high power with high efficiency.

FSE is now raising founds to mainly support the launch of the first new electric van and for strengthening their financial position for the future development. All major international research and consulting companies forecast the share of electric vehicles will increase. In fact, according to BloombergNEF’s Electric Vehicle Outlook 2019, the sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles will decline in favor of green mobility. The report shows that light commercial electric vehicles sales in the next 20 years will raise to 56% in United State, Europe and China. FSE has planned to enter the market first in Poland Extended and then all over Europe. In this context of green mobility growth, FSE is the first Polish company that is ready to introduce green electric vans to the market, in a segment that is forecasted to see a dynamic growth over the next years. The crowdfunding campaign of the polish company has just begun and it seems to be an unique opportunity for an investment in the growing Polish automotive industry.