DazeTechnology is now a member of CharIn, an association with the vision of developing and establishing the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for EV batteries charging. CharIn is working with more than 180 members along the entire value chain of e-mobility. It is now quite clear that the future of mobility will be electric and CharIn has embraced the challenge and has brought together many companies from the most important carmakers to producers of charging systems to support and promote CCS. CharIn aims to draft requirements and accelerate the evolution of charging related standards.

One of the objectives of CharIN is to define requirements for an Automatic Connection Device Underbody (ACDU). The subgroup of CharIN in charge to create a proposal for an ACDU system and interface (concept) is composed of the main charging system developers. They are invited to provide a presentation of their concept in three stages. In the first stage, the presentation has to be submitted to CharIN coordination office. In the second stage, a video conference will be held by each applicant. In the third stage, a selection of concepts will be invited to present their physical prototype. In the end, a solution that best represents the idea of the automatic charging will be chosen and the concept will be proposed as official standardization bodies.

Dazetechnology is a member of CharIN and it takes part at the subgrup for the definition of an ACDU. The proposal of the Italian Company is DazePLug. It is an essential automatic connection device used for Evs charging based on the needs and requirements of carmakers. DazePlug is composed by an off-board unit (the charger) and a on-board unit (the inlet) installed under the electric vehicle. The off-board unit boasts robustness ,safety ,high power charging and a wide parking allowance. The on-board unit combines reduced dimensions, low-cost and extreme simplicity that makes it very reliable. DazeTechnology has become a member of CharIN in hopes of contributing to the harmonization of automatic conductive charging, thinking that standardization is the true way of expanding automatic charging throughout the automotive world.