The sharing economy and car sharing are increasingly the protagonists of a technological and innovative service market, which aims to avoid waste and unnecessary pollution. In big cities there are interesting initiatives that put the electric car at the centre.

One example is the e-Vai project, which provides commuters in Lombardy with shared electric cars that can be used until the evening, recharged in the garage with solutions such as the wall box provided by DazeTechnology, and returned the next morning at railway stations. All this for an annual fee that includes the use of electric cars at certain times of the day with the Green Traveller and Corporate Package. Not only that.

V2G ‘vehicle to grid’ charging infrastructures for electric cars have recently arrived in Italy, allowing electric cars to be considered as real ‘batteries on wheels’, capable of storing and feeding unused energy back into the grid. This is thanks to bi-directional charge management, available in the columns but also on board. For car sharing, the Italian Institute of Technology of Genoa, promoter of the V2G project with Enel Energia and Nissan Italia, provides two 100% electric vehicles, Leaf model, as well as an App-based management platform called Glide, while Enel Energia has installed two V2G recharging stations at the Institute’s Genoa headquarters.

The spread of car sharing in 2022

From January to March 2022, the use of car sharing increased by 10% and micro-mobility increased to 35%. These data emerged from the conference held at the Chamber in the presence of the Minister for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, and Matteo Tanzilli, Alessio Raccagna, Luigi Licchelli (Assosharing Steering Committee).

At the centre of the discussion were the main strategic issues that have crossed the association’s first months of activity.

But also the objectives achieved and the improvements made to sharing mobility: the approval of a new regulation that has strengthened road safety, to the benefit of users and citizens; the start of talks aimed at lowering VAT for the sector from 22% to 10% in order to increase the accessibility of services, also in view of the complexity of this historical phase, characterised by a surge in fuel costs. 

The aim is to strengthen the offer of sharing mobility and car sharing by increasing and renewing the fleet of electric cars, especially in the still uncovered areas of the country.

Car sharing: a fashion that appeals to young people

Sweet mobility appeals to young people and the use of e-bikes and scooters increases by 20%, while the growth of car sharing or short-term car rental is 15% among young people. The market is now moving towards new consumption habits that replace the use of public transport and car ownership. It is precisely car sharing and short-term electric car rental on a pay-per-use basis that convinces younger customers, who can thus change cars very often.

Car sharing and electric cars: the experience of big cities

In big cities we have seen how car sharing and in particular electric car sharing helps the environment.

It is a practical and increasingly popular and widespread solution whose advantages include great financial savings (zero expenses for car and fuel purchase, no worries about renewing the car tax and third-party liability), great convenience and, above all, zero emissions for the environment.

In some cases, like in Milan, the electric car becomes a condominium and is included in the condominium expenses, confirming the trust Italians place in car sharing and electric cars for the benefit of their finances and the environment.

As the topic of sustainable mobility is increasingly felt by motorists, it is precisely the electric car that becomes the star of car sharing thanks to its improved autonomy. With one charge you can do 250 to 400 km, you save money as car ownership is expensive and you help the environment.

Therefore, especially in big cities, car sharing becomes a convenient solution also and especially when several people in the family are driving.

Thanks to specialists such as DazeTechnology, there are no problems with home charging either: there are plenty of offers for customers such as the innovative DazeBox C. Contact us for more information!