Dynamic Power Manager

Recharging often takes time, attention, and energy-not just electrical energy, but the mental energy it takes to plan schedules and fit in with other appliances. Dynamic Power Manager cares for you: the automatic load balancing system prevents blackouts and doesn't require you to limit your charging power too much. Plug in your vehicle and think no more about it.


Smart. Solar.

Dynamic Power Manager is installed directly on the meter Through intelligent load balancing it allows charging to the maximum available energy at all times It can be purchased in singlephase or threephase versions and by installing it the Solar Boost function can be activated to charge by harnessing solar energy from private photovoltaic systems.



All Dazebox versions

Dimensions (mm)

102 x 37 x 36,5


4x35mm jacks 1x shielded RJ45

Single-phase maximum power

10 kW

Three-phase maximum power

30 kW

Still have questions?

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How does Dynamic Power Manager work?

The Dynamic Power Manager unit regulates the current supply automatically so as to charge the electric vehicle without exceeding the meter limits. Once the installation current limit has been set-up on the Dazebox, the system regulates the maximum current limit that may be used when charging the vehicle automatically, taking into account the power consumes by any other devices that may be switched on at the same time. Assuming your household mains supply power limit is 3 kW and you want to charge your car while also using your oven and your washing machine (estimated power consumption 2 kW), to avoid the meter tripping due to excess power consumption, the system automatically limits the charging power to 1 kW. Once the oven or washing machine are switched off, the charging power is increased automatically, up to a maxim um of 3 kW.

How is the Dynamic Power Manager unit installed?

The Dynamic Power Manager unit is installed in the main switchboard and measures the current using current transformers (CT, 1 CT for single phase installations, 3 CT for three phase installations). In the case of single phase installations, the CT is installed on the phase (L) line at the output of the meter and upstream of any branches whereas, in the case of three phase installations, a sensor should be installed on all three phase conductors at the output of the user’s meter (L1, L2, L3). The current transformers are connected to the CT Box supplied with the DPM unit via a 3.5 mm jack connector. The CT Box is also equipped with a RJ45 port for connecting the cat 5e network cable to the Dazebox. Detailed installation instructions are provided in the installation manual, while the connection instructions are also displayed on the CT Box.