The first digital edition of the Paris international exhibition for sustainable  mobility solutions will take place from 4 to 5 November 2020. Exhibitors from all over the world will gather in order to present their innovative solutions for the e-mobility field but, this year, they will do it sitting in front of their computers. Owing to limitations due to Covid-19 emergency, this year’s edition will be held completely on-line. But if on the one hand this means to abandon the traditional dynamics, on the other hand it will mean to organize an event in total safety. This will send a strong sign of recovery and hope, trying to keep the same level of engagement and visibility as in the past few years. Autonomy  2020 will feature digital stands, virtual conferences, webinar and online presentations concerning the following 7 sectors:

  • Micro-mobility
    Urban mobility consists of quick and ecological trips with small vehicles such as hoverboards and electric scooters.
  • Shared mobility
    Transports made by shared vehicles such as car sharing, bike sharing and similar methods of sharing.
  • Mobility as a service
    This concept puts users at the center of transportation services in order to offer customised solutions.
  • AI & Autonomous Mobility
    Mobility that uses AI and cutting edge technologies in order to offer users increasingly smart solutions from autonomous driving to automatic charging systems such as Dazeplug.
  • Corporate Mobility
    Mobility for companies that offers solutions designed to improve the efficiency of corporate fleets using both telematics and AI.
  • Physical infrastructure
    Infrastructures that support sustainable mobility as part of smart cities.
  • Urban Logistics
    Logistics solutions necessary to relieve traffic congestion of urban spaces and reduce emissions.

For the second consecutive year Dazetechnology will be part of the 200 virtual exhibitors in order to present its innovative solutions for EV charging, a fast-growing market due to the increase of hybrid plug-in and full electric vehicles registered in recent months.

Despite the market for internal combustion engine vehicles is experiencing a drop in sales due to Coronavirus emergency, EV market is bucking the trend and Dazetechnology hopes to make its contribution with its charging systems designed considering the numerous feedback received from users.

Following this positive trend for EV-vehicles and Hybrid Plug-In, DazeTechnology will present at Autonomy 2020 the industrialized version of DazeBox. Thanks to its integrated Dynamic Power Management system, this domestic wallbox allows you to charge your EV at the maximum speed without ever shutting down the grid.

If you are interested in finding out the latest news concerning sustainable mobility, just register yourself on the site and participate in the Autonomy digital edition. DazeTechnology together with many other exhibitors is waiting for you from 4 to 5 November 2020 at the international exhibition for sustainable mobility solutions.