Electric cars in 2022 offer great autonomy that make them suitable even for long distances, and these are models destined to become widespread. The trend for the decade 2020-2030 is based on the electrification of all market segments and different categories of cars to have increasingly powerful batteries and faster charging times. Let’s see the best electric car models on the market with the experience of DazeTechnology, the latest generation domestic wall box specialist.

The top 5 electric cars 2022

The first car to consider is the KIA EV6, which won the Car of the Year 2022 award and offers a range of 528 km. It is a 100% electric car based on the E-GMP platform and characterized by minimalist design, interior habitability, and quality of materials.

The EV6 is a sports car sold at the base price of 49,500 euros and with a range of 528 km on the WLTP cycle.

The second electric car of 2022 is the Volvo XC40 Recharge, a compact and ecological crossover not only for emissions but also for the production and disposal of batteries. This car has elegant upholstery in recycled materials and Android software, guarantees all the safety of Volvo, and offers two propulsion possibilities: a single 231 HP engine and a range of 425 km; o double engine with 408HP and 660N / m of torque and a range of 417 km.

The cost of this car starts at 50,200 euros.

Equally interesting is the Volvo C40 Recharge which represents the coupé version of the XC40 and guarantees a range of 437 km. The electric propulsion is that of the compact SUV, and the design features trapezoidal headlights and a sloping rear window. In this case, we start from a base cost of 55,310 euros.

The fourth car that DazeTechnology recommends considering is the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, with a range of 470 km. It is a raised sedan with a sophisticated design and an Android-based infotainment system in the cockpit. This electric car is available in two variants: the EV40 boost charge, with a 130 HP engine and 40 kWh battery for a range of 300 km and charging power up to 85 kW (DC). The second is the more powerful EV60 Optimum Charge, with a 218 HP engine and 60 kWh battery for a range of 470 km and charging power up to 130 kW (DC). Prices start at € 37,100.

The last car to know is the Hyundai Ioniq 5, released in 2021 and with a range of 481km. It is the first on a modular E-GMP platform and allows you to travel several kilometers on the motorway and mountain roads without stopping. It is also the model that prevailed at the New York International Auto Show by winning the title of World Car Of The Year 2022.

The raised sedan is comfortable, bright, and spacious, and in 2023 the new version with digital door mirrors and a larger battery pack is expected to reach a range of over 500 km. The price of this machine starts at 54,000 euros.

Which electric car to buy in 2022

If, at this point, you do not know which electric car to buy in 2022, the advice is to aim for the economical Dacia Spring, which is certainly the cheapest car on the market. The battery offers 230 km of autonomy in the city and the highway, is approved for 4 people, and has a cost starting from 22,850 euros for the Spartan design. The result is a non-trivial and simple-to-use vehicle, suitable for those looking for the right value for money even when buying an electric car.

Fashion electric car: the best for quality and price

The best electric car according to us at DazeTechnology is the Kia EV6, the car of the Korean house with an impactful design, compact size, and zero emissions. It is a car with a light line that guarantees the same habitability as a medium / large SUV and does not lack a large display for the infotainment.

The 77.4 kWh battery can be combined with the rear-wheel drive configuration of 229 HP (49,950 euros) or the integral with a double engine of 325 HP (53,450 euros). In the first case, you can travel up to 510km, which goes down to 490 km in the second case, and the prices range from 58,650 euros to 62,150 euros.

Finally, at the top of the range is the EV6 GT, offered at 69,500 euros which has great performance, thanks to the 585 HP AWD powertrain. The transition from 0 to 100 km / h takes place in 3.5 seconds. In this case, the declared range is 400 km.

As you can see, there are many electric car models to choose from, and with the advice of DazeTechnology, you can take home a car that guarantees the right compromise between quality and price.