Today, all-electric car owners are aiming for a home charging station, to meet the growing demand for sustainable mobility and long charging times in the public column. Installing a fixed charging device is the most logical and safe situation, and those with a passion for do-it-yourself may decide to opt for autonomous installation. Can it be done? Here’s what to know.

The rules for installing the wall box yourself

The rules for installing a wall box yourself are simple, and the installation of the charging station must comply with the ministerial decree 22/01/2008 n.37: in the case of modifications to the electrical system, the installation must present a Declaration of Conformity (Di.Co.) drawn up by a qualified technician, with the attachments prescribed by the legislation.

For electrical systems over 6 kW, it is important to make an electrical project, drawn up by a professional registered in the register that certifies the conformity of the installation. There is no shortage of issues on the insurance side since the legislation must also be respected in this case. 

Even the installation of columns and wall boxes open to the public requires a project drawn up by a qualified professional, regardless of the characteristics of the system and the charging power. This is why DazeTechnology reminds you that do-it-yourself is not always possible, and it is important to contact qualified companies to create a home charging system.

Recharging with a domestic socket

Italian legislation does not recommend charging the electric car with the normal domestic socket, under the Fire Prevention legislation which allows this solution only in individual homes and garages. In condominium garages, on the other hand, recharging must be done in ways other than Methods 1 and 2, and recharging with industrial sockets is prohibited even in areas subject to fire prevention.

Even where recharging with a domestic socket is allowed, it is important to adapt the system and it is an increasingly slower and less efficient recharge of the wall box connected to the electrical system permanently, which also ensures the management of the loads and remote control. DazeTechnology recommends the wall box to optimize the battery charging processes and ensure the car greater autonomy and less waste of energy. Recharging in compliance with the law, quickly, efficiently, and safely, always requires a fixed infrastructure installed by a recharging professional, such as DazeTechnology.

The solution for everyone proposed by DazeTechnology

As mentioned, the recharging of the electric car and the creation of the infrastructure requires the intervention of a professional qualified to issue the Di.Co and an electrical project to comply with the law. In addition to this, the infrastructure changes according to the car model, and the device is more complex for recent models: this is another reason to refer to a professional for the proper functioning of home charging.

A specialist in the construction of charging infrastructures and wall boxes is DazeTechnology, which was born from the passion and enthusiasm for the world of automotive and new electric traction. After having founded the company in August 2016, the two mechanical engineers Andrea Daminelli and Giacomo Zenoni, immediately tried their hand at developing the first automatic conductive charging system for electric cars. The skills derived from this important project have allowed DazeTechnology to grow and expand its range of products over the years, all aimed at simplifying daily private recharging. Today the company offers as its flagship product DazeBox, a design-oriented wall box that has as its first objective solving the problem of low power availability at home. Alongside the DazeBox are also offered all the accessories that electric car users may need. Contact us to find out more!