How to travel on the motorway with an electric car, and at what speed to go? Surely moving with an electric vehicle on the highway requires programming in terms of speed and charging points based on the consumption of the car and the number of kWh stored in the battery.

Electric car consumption on the motorway

If the petrol or diesel car has a tank, the electric car is a battery whose duration is expressed in kWh. When driving on the motorway, the consumption of the electric car, is proportional to the speed for example a car at 130 km / h consumes about 17 KWh every 100 km, guaranteeing a range of 185 km.

For this reason, when driving on the motorway it is important to pay attention to speed, style, and habits and DazeTechnology recommends driving at a constant speed as much as possible, turning off the climate when not needed, and always keeping the tires at the correct pressure.

Range of the electric car on the motorway

Another aspect to pay attention to is the range of the electric car on the highway. With distances of less than 185 km, you do not need stops, otherwise, if you reach more distant destinations it is important:

1. Plan a stop within the first 185 km, during which to recharge at a fast column, and then continue the journey on the motorway;

2. Travel immediately at a slower speed than the canonical 130 km / h so that you can perhaps reach your destination without intermediate stops.

Returning to a car with a consumption of 17 kWh / 100 km, if the destination is 250 km away, it can be reached without recharging simply by reducing the speed, if instead, you are traveling at 130 km / h you will need to recharge after the first 185 km at the fast column in 10 minutes to cover the remaining 65 km. The case is different if you are traveling at 90 km / h with a moderate speed trip without recharging. In any case, before leaving for a trip on the motorway, it is important to know where the fast columns are located by relying on the apps and how to use them. We repeat: the consumption of the electric car varies according to temperature, characteristics of the route, number of passengers, and air conditioning.

Are there electric columns on the motorway?

Those who drive a battery-powered vehicle must know the exact location of the electricity columns on the motorway in order not to get stranded while traveling due to lack of energy. Complicating matters is the fact that there are far fewer electricity charging stations on the motorway than those for refueling diesel and, for this reason, the driver must plan the journey carefully.

Fortunately, technology comes to the aid of those who own an electric car thanks to numerous apps created by motorway managers or third-party developers that indicate the presence of the columns. These are free solutions for Android and iOS that show the map of the refueling stations and to these is added Google Maps, on which the users themselves indicate the infrastructures for charging electric cars.

Charge at home before and after the trip with DazeTechnology

Those who have a car with good autonomy can charge at home before and after the journey on the motorway by relying on DazeTechnology, which offers solutions completely designed and manufactured in Italy. Among these is DazeBox C, the best solution to charge the car at home also thanks to a dedicated smartphone application.

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