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We need energy to change our ideas about mobility. Daze EV charging systems guarantee maximum power, flexibility and ease of use, and a design that puts the future within reach of everyone.


Collaboration is the key to changing the way we use energy. By balancing loads and connecting the various chargers on the same network together, Daze vehicle charging systems transform houses and shared spaces into eco-systems.

Dazebox: it’s easy to get excited

It is pre-configured and ready for installation

It features a system that can be used to authorise and block charging

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations

It is quick and simple to install, and we’re here to help


Everyone has their own energy: Dazebox is available for households and semi-public spaces, complete with cable and socket. It is compatible with every type of electric vehicle and every domestic context, indoors or outdoors. The technology is unique, the possibilities are endless.

Energy at your fingertips

While your vehicle is stationary, you’re still free to move. With the Daze App, you can monitor consumption, activate the block functions, manage access and check the charging statistics of all the chargers connected to the same network.

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Daze App

Manage all your Dazebox functions
whenever you want, and wherever you are.

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