Automatic Three-Phase to Single-Phase

Switching We have introduced the feature of automatic switching from three-phase to single-phase charging for chargers configured with Dynamic Power Management. This innovation allows you to continue charging your electric vehicle even when the available power drops below 4.2 kW, by allocating the current to a single phase. This means you won’t have to worry about interruptions in charging, ensuring greater continuity and reliability. To activate this feature, simply access the Daze App, go to Network Details, and select the Minimum Charging Power section.

Power Manager up to 100 kW

Another important update concerns the ability to install chargers in Dynamic Power Management mode on systems with a meter power between 30 and 100 kW. This feature requires the use of the Power Manager PM02T100 device and activation within the Power Manager section in Network Details. This extension allows the charging system to adapt to the needs of higher power systems, always ensuring optimal energy management.

Self-Consumption Mode

The Self-Consumption mode allows you to charge your vehicle using only the energy produced by your photovoltaic system. This not only helps reduce charging costs but also supports a more sustainable lifestyle. If you need faster charging, you can disable this mode with a simple click on the App, reverting to using the electrical grid to speed up the process.

Scheduled Charging

For those who want precise control over charging times, we have introduced the Scheduled Charging mode. This feature allows you to set the start and end times for charging according to your daily needs. It is particularly useful for taking advantage of time slots with more convenient energy rates. This feature is available only for Dazebox Home connected to the internet, ensuring convenient and personalized vehicle charging management.

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