App Daze

Power at your fingertips

Daze App: we charge, you move

Monitor you charging status

Control of schedules and lock functions

Real time statistics

Manage users and charging permissions

Access all the functions with a single tap

With Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, the Daze app allows you to control Dazeboxes even remotely. You will always have all the functions and charging statistics at your fingertips. While your car is stationary, you can move around.

Stop the clock

Charge your on the days and at the times you prefer. Use the automatic lock function to select the charging times that best suit your needs. Don’t let time slip through your fingers.

Share energy

Create your own network of charging stations. With Daze App you can decide who administrates it and who can use it, managing access and charging permissions. Together, there is more energy.

Still have questions?

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Where can I find the PUK code necessary to associate the Dazebox with the app?

The PUK code is supplied on a card inserted in the Dazebox box.

What can I do with the Daze app?

You can set-up the parameters on your Dazebox using the Daze app via a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, thanks to a remote WiFi connection, you can monitor your Dazebox charging power in real time. And that’s not all, our latest updates now allow you create a network of chargers, monitor the power consumption of each individual user and manage access and authorisations, thanks to the use of RFID technology.

What should I do if I lose my PUK code?

If you lose your PUK code or forget it, call us on the customer service number or contact us on WhatsApp. Please have the serial number of your Dazebox ready so that we can supply you with your PUK code again.