Automotive e Charge Point Operator

Energy is compatible

Let’s work together with Daze technology

We adopt the open communication standard Open Charge Point Protocol

We enable accurate consumption measurement with the Mid Meter

We connect up to 100 chargers with the Power Sharing feature

We adopt IP and IK protection systems

Let’s network

Daze is not just its products, but a set of skills and technologies that we have chosen to share in order to contribute to a profound change in mobility. That is why we collaborate with those who design cars and vehicles, and with those who work to enhance the network of charging stations (Charge Point Operators). We offer state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee the highest standards of safety and reliability, which can be continuously upgraded as the market evolves. And we adopt an open communication protocol that makes our charging stations compatible with all apps, all suppliers, and all types of meters, including MID that enables accurate measurement of energy delivered.