Charging cable

The energy transition is hanging by a thread: this one. With our Type 2-Type 2 charging cables you can charge electric vehicles at any charging station. Available in various sizes and four different colors, all our cables have a capacity of up to 32 A .


Connect. Release.

The charging cable represents the connection between everyone dreaming of a new concept of mobility. And it’s the wire that releases your energy.

Technical details


All Dazeboxes


From 5 to 8 metres



Carrying bag



AC, Type 2 - 7.4 kW single phase, 22 kW three phase

Still have questions?

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Is it possible to disconnect the cable while charging?

It is not possible to disconnect the cable from the vehicle charging inlet accidentally while charging is in progress. To disconnect it, it is necessary to interrupt the vehicle charging cycle, so as to release the connector and disconnect the cable.

Is it possible to drive away with the cable connected?

All electric vehicles are fitted with safety systems that prevent them from being started if the cable is still connected, therefore it is impossible to drive away while the cable is connected.

Which vehicles are compatible with the integrated Type-2 cable?

The integrated Type-2 connector is compatible with almost all leading brand electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles. Vehicles fitted with Type-1 connectors are rare and are usually older models. As a rule, however, we recommend you check which type of connector your vehicle is fitted with before purchasing a charging device,. also, if you have and doubts regarding compatibility, please do not hesitate to contact us.