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Energy is always in motion, and we like to follow it where it goes. This is why we are happy to share advice, suggestions, information and everything you need to know about the world of electric mobility.

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Dynamic Power Sharing: The Essential Feature for Parking Lots with Multiple Chargers

Dynamic Power Sharing optimizes EV charging by regulating power in real-time among charging stations based on energy availability and electrical loads. It surpasses traditional static sharing systems.

Daze brings a new charging station to the market: Dazebox Share

Updates and innovations designed to improve the energy efficiency and flexibility of shared charging systems.

App Release: Dazebox Home in Continuous Evolution and Update

Updates and features designed to improve the energy efficiency and flexibility of your home charging system.

Francesca Micheletti

Let’s interview Francesca Micheletti, our Graphic Designer

We meet Francesca Micheletti, Graphic Designer of Daze with a great passion for photos, videos and the marine world.

daze graftholders Federico Mazzoleni e Vinenzo di Massa

Daze <> Graftholders

How are Dazebox protected from Hackers? We talk about it with Federico Mazzoleni, CTO and President of Daze and Vincenzo Di Massa, CEO of Graftholders

Daze closes a Series A funding round of 15 million euros

The Italian startup Daze, a leader in electric car charging solutions, has closed a capital increase of 15 million euros to finance business growth and accelerate the energy transition.

german design award 2024 winner

Dazebox Home Triumphs at the German Design Award 2024

Dazebox Home wins first prize in the Automotive Parts and Accessories category at the famous German design contest.

archiproducts 2023

Dazebox Home Wins the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023

Dazebox Home has won the award in the System Components and Materials category at the prestigious international design award.

Types of Electric Motors

The Various Types of Electric Motors for Your Sustainable Mobility

Discover the characteristics, applications, and differences of the various types of electric motors: direct current and alternating current, synchronous, and asynchronous.

Cheap electric cars

Affordable Electric Cars: Not Just a Market for the Wealthy

Discover the cheap electric cars of 2023, the best low-cost and high energy efficiency options, to make a sustainable choice.

matteo cattaneo

We interview Matteo Cattaneo, Daze Purchasing Office Manager

We meet Matteo Cattaneo, the Purchasing Office Manager of Daze with a great passion for the mountains and trail running.

Difference between wallbox and home charging station

Charging Power: The Differences Between Wallboxes and Public Charging Stations

We often hear about charging columns and wallboxes, sometimes as synonyms, but they are different devices, find out why.

come funzionano auto ibride

Hybrid Cars: Between the Past and Future of Mobility

A combination of electric and combustion, which helps to approach the world of full electric. Find out how they work and what hybrid cars are.

BeEnergy Daze installazione wallbox

BeEnergy and Daze, together towards an increasingly electric future

We interviewed Emil Stefan, owner of BeEnergy, one of the Daze partners for the installation of the wallboxes.

differenze mild full plugin hybrid

Energy in Motion: From Mild, Full to Plug-In Hybrid

In the world of electric mobility we hear about mild hybrids, full hybrids and plug-in hybrids. But what are the differences? Find out with us.

intervista giovanni tria

Let’s meet Giovanni Tria, our Digital Marketing Specialist

In the new Daze Off section we meet Giovanni Tria, our Digital Marketing Specialist, who tells us something about himself.

auto elettriche 2023

Electric cars coming in 2023

Features, prices and release dates of electric cars due out in 2023.

pianificare viaggio auto elettrica

Electric car holidays, plan a trip to the future

Traveling by electric car is an experience, for those who have lived it, unique and increasingly popular in recent years.

Traveling on the motorway with electric cars: tips

Moving with an electric vehicle on the highway requires programming in terms of speed and charging points, here's what to know for a safe journey.

Home charging station: what does the law say?

Today, all-electric car owners are aiming for a home charging station to meet the growing demand for sustainable mobility.

Curiosities about electric cars: why aren’t they in driving school?

Perhaps with the widespread use of electric cars you have wondered why these models are not adopted by driving schools. Here are the reasons.

Car for novice drivers: more and more trendy

Today the novice driver looking for an electric car has no limits and constraints given the new circular of the Ministry of the Interior, here are the best models.

Electric car and condominium: the rules

Many condominiums with the Super bonus 110% are equipped with electric columns. Find out how to charge the electric car in the condominium.

Tips and ways to charge the electric car

One of the main advantages of an electric car is the opportunity to recharge at home and in the garage in the evening and to schedule recharging from the wall box.

Best electric car 2022: which one to buy?

Electric cars in 2022 offer a great range that makes them suitable even for long journeys. Here are the models to choose from for the electric car.

Expensive energy and electric car bills: what will happen

The price in the bill, therefore, rises to 0.661 euro cents per kWh. What will happen to the electric car market? Will electric vehicles go out of fashion? Find it out!

Ev-charging: modern solutions for the new mobility

The charging station for electric vehicles or EV Charging is an infrastructure composed of charging stations that meet the needs of a constantly expanding market. Most charging stations are now provided by companies in the electrical and energy sector and have 4 Ways to charge vehicles according to IEC 61851-1.

Electric car protagonist in car sharing initiatives

The sharing economy and car sharing are increasingly the protagonists of a technological and innovative service market. Discover projects and initiatives!

wall box per ricarica auto elettrica

What is the best solution for charging the electric car?

Is it better to recharge your electric car with a wall box or a charging station? Let's find out with DazeTechnology, the specialist offering solutions such as DazeBox C.

Household meter: the power to choose

For small cars, a 3kW meter is sufficient, but those who want fast charging should know that the ideal meter power is 6kW.

Too many electric cars – is there a risk of an electricity blackout?

Electricity demand would be increased by 30 per cent with a 100% electric car fleet, risk of blackouts? No with the right solutions.

Electric car price: why is it worth it?

Learn about electric car prices and savings possibilities with the differences between petrol and electric cars and charging solutions.

Electric cars: more and more in demand despite the crisis

Despite heavy price increases on energy, there has been no impact on the sale of electric cars so far. Find out why they agree!

Wallbox 2023: buying guide

Let's see what to consider when choosing the best wall box available on the market and the features of DazeBox C, the most secure wall box.

Household meter and electric car: what to know

When considering recharging your electric vehicle at home, it is important to inform yourself about all aspects of this operation, here are some tips.

Electric cars in the LTZ and on blue lines, how does it work?

Public administrations allow drivers of electric cars to have free access to LTZs and even parking on blue lines, find out more!

Electric microcars: discover the 5 top models

Today's city streets are increasingly being traversed by minicars, microcars or electric quadricycles, here are the top models to buy to get around town.

Which electric cars can a novice driver drive?

A novice driver may not drive cars with a power output of more than 55kW/t and the car must not exceed 70kW, let's find out which models are within his or her reach and what the characteristics are.

How to recycle electric car batteries

Nowadays there is more and more talk about recycling electric car batteries and reusing them as a business opportunity, here is what the second life of the battery is.

Electric cars and smart city management: success factors

The connected vehicle becomes part of an ecosystem and smart city management, leading from the traditional city to the environmentally sustainable city.

Fear of autonomy? Range anxiety: what is this all about?

Fear of autonomy? Range anxiety: what is this all about?

Charging the electric car at home with the 3 kw meter

More and more people are asking whether it is possible to recharge their electric car at home with a 3kW meter and DazeTechnology's answer is yes, find out more!

Car charging at home, costs and authorisations, what to know

When buying an electric car, one wonders how to recharge it at home and how much it costs to consume electricity at home - here are the answers!

Crisis increases prices for electric car recharging

Buying an electric car has always meant lower running and usage costs compared to petrol and diesel cars, but there is no shortage of price increases.

BeCharge: electric car charging stations at your fingertips

The BeCharge group's network includes charging stations with alternating current and two sockets of 22 kW each, and the company relies heavily on FAST charging.

Guide to buying electric car models

Choosing to buy an electric car is an important step and one that needs to be considered carefully as there are many advantages and disadvantages of this vehicle.

5 pros and 5 cons of electric cars, let’s discover them together

To buy or not to buy an electric car? This is the dilemma for more and more people, here are the pros and cons according to DazeTechnology, contact us for information!

Electric car models: which ones recharge faster?

One question many people ask before buying an electric car is which cars recharge the fastest, here is DazeTechnology's ranking!

Electric cars: the untapped potential

There is still a lot of untapped potential of the electric car, which is why we at DazeTechnology decided to shed light on some false myths.

Electric car charging: some useful information

Charging your electric car is really simple, although you have to keep a few things in mind: let's look at DazeTechnology's tips for charging your car.

Home electricity column: bonuses, benefits and costs

Despite the widespread use of state incentives for purchasing and the advantages of an electric charging station in the home, few people install one. Discover!

Mode 3 charging: what does it mean?

Mode 3 Charging is only allowed in Italy for private charging and is prohibited for public areas. Let's see what it is.

Electric cars: what young people think about them

Let's see what young people think about the electric car and why this means of transport is considered trendy based on the survey conducted by Skuola.

auto plug in hybrid

Plug-in hybrid charging: what to know?

There are several plug-in hybrid cars on the road today, but not everyone knows what PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles are, find out more here!

Private car charging station: faq to know

Today recharging the electric car at home is a must for many people who have chosen to buy an electric car, find out the FAQ on the charging station.

Wall box come funziona

Wallbox for electric cars: what to know

Let's see what it is, how it works and how to choose an electric car wallbox with advice from DazeTechnology, the industry benchmark!

Electric car charging: how it works and how much it costs

DazeTechnology decided to shed some light on the functioning and costs of electric cars, a new way of getting around that also saves money.

Charging modes for electric vehicles

Nowadays there are more and more electric vehicles on our roads. However around the world of the electric there is a veil of mystery due to technicalities that first-time users have to face. Which is why we decided to clarify one of the main aspects of the electric world: the EV charging modes. The reference standard is IEC 61851-1 and it defines 4 charging modes. We will see them in detail, trying to sort out the clutter around them.

Autunomy digital 2020

Autonomy digital 2020

New technologies for EV charging

Nowadays almost all of EV-charging in the electric mobility world is done in the same way:power flows from the electric network to the car battery through a charging cable. However, there are other emerging technologies which not everyone is aware of. Some of them are still under study, some are already in the experimental stage. In general, anyway, they all share the same basic idea: to automate charging. So let us see in detail what are the main technologies by which is and will be possible to charge our electric car.



How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?

How long does it take to charge an electric car? It is one of the most frequently asked questions for anyone who is thinking about purchasing an electric or plug-in car. Before answering, it is necessary to clarify some basic aspects

DazeTechnology at Abu Dhabi sustainability week

DazeTechnology among the exhibitors at the Climate Innovation Exchange in Abu Dhabi from 12 to 16 January 2020. During the 5 days event, DazePlug and DazeBox were presented to the public of the United Arab Emirates.

DazeTechnology member of CharIn

DazeTechnology is now a member of CharIn, an association with the vision of developing and establishing the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for EV batteries charging.

FSE, partner of DazeTechnology

Fabryka Samochodów Elektrycznych is a Polish company that creates innovative modular solutions for light electric delivery vehicles. Since 2013 FSE has been working on the development of solutions for green electric transport and is now looking for investors with a crowdfunding campaign.

Future Mobility Expoforum 2019 with DazeTechnology

The Future Mobility Expoforum 2019 took place in Turin. Two days to grasp the mobilty of tomorrow. Companies, public administrations, regulators, researchers and analysts gathered in Centro Congressi Lingotto, proposing solutions, projects and activities related to mobility.

The electric vehicle charging to Prophet

The constant penetration of renewable energies in the global market at the expense of traditional electricity production plants is contributing to the diffusion of energy storage systems.

Autonomy & Urban Mobility Summit 2019

The urban mobility festival has just ended in Paris. Autonomy is one of the most important events on the future mobility, with an exhibition area of ​​14,000 square meters and two test tracks.

Charging for electric cars in SMAU

On October the 22nd/23rd/24th DazeTechnology participated in SMAU, the innovation and digital technologies fair that saw as guests many realities, from the leading players in the industry to the most promising Startups.

e_mob 2019 Electric Vehicle Festival

The largest covered square of Europe hosted e_mob 2019, 3rd edition of Electric Mobility Festival on 26 /27 / 28 September. The world of electric mobility met in Città di Lombardia square to boost zero emission mobility.

Start Cup Bergamo interviews the DazeTechnology Team

Start Cup Bergamo is a business plan competition created by University of Bergamo to promote the birth and development of new business ideas coming from Bergamo territory.