To buy or not to buy an electric car? This is the dilemma for more and more people, since although the spread of electric cars is rapidly increasing, there are still many who have reservations. This is why DazeTechnology has decided to shed some light on the pros and cons of electric cars in order to help those who are still undecided about whether or not to buy an electric vehicle.

Five merits of modern electric cars

Raise your hand if you have never experienced these advantages that only an electric car can offerthe driver and that are among the virtues that drive and motivate people to purchase:

  1. Quietness: the electric car offers absolute comfort and an absence of vibrations, and the only noise that accompanies the slight hiss of the electric motor is the rolling of the tyres. Zero-emission and silent travelling is an experience to be experienced first-hand;
  2. Scorching starts: this quality is appreciated by drag race enthusiasts who will be able to sprint through traffic lights and overtake safely as the power of the electric motor is released instantly;
  3. Running costs: the electric car costs much less than the diesel or petrol car in terms of fuel and maintenance. The motor has a very simple operation as it only consists of a rotor, stator and outer casing, and to this are added batteries and an inverter. A conventional engine, on the other hand, consists of many components subject to wear and tear;
  4. Ease of use: driving an electric car is really easy and affordable for everyone, including novice drivers looking for a comfortable and satisfying city drive;
  5. Perfect for the urban environment: for its low running costs and mileage, the electric car is the undisputed queen of the city, and it is no coincidence that it is especially popular in urban centres.

Five shortcomings of modern electric cars

As with anything, the purchase of a modern electric car has not only advantages, and there are certain elements to take into account. Let’s look at the five shortcomings of the electric car:

  1. Difficult recharging in the city: this problem can be remedied by installing a Home Wallbox like the one from DazeTechnology to ‘fill up’ at home in the evening. In other cases, recharging your electric car in the city can be difficult as you have to rely on charging stations that are not always free or functioning;
  2. Immature supply chain: buyers of electric cars, with the exception of Tesla and Volkswagen, will find it difficult to procure batteries as there is still a strong dependence on China for batteries;
  3. Incentives to buy traditional cars: there is no shortage of cases of dealers inviting the consumer to buy a traditional diesel or petrol car without considering the recent regulations in terms of mobility or the most advantageous choice for the customer;
  4. Excessive focus on sustainability: the storytelling of the electric car presents it as environmentally friendly and there is less focus on the benefits for the driver, which take a back seat and lead to the mistrust that characterises all novelties;
  5. High price: although there are important government incentives to buy electric cars, the price is higher than thermal cars. This is due to an immature supply chain and a battery price of around 116/120 euros, although this is expected to decrease in the coming years and with it the cost of battery electric cars.

In conclusion, as with any purchase, even when buying an electric car one must carefully consider its merits and demerits and choose the model best suited to one’s needs, relying on specialised companies such as DazeTechnology for home charging. Contact us for information!