Plug&Charge EV Charging

Charge without installation

Chargy: designed for hybrid, perfect for electric

Your first step

The journey towards more sustainable mobility is made in small steps. And a wallbox can be too much of an obstacle, especially for hybrid car owners. For you we have come up with the Chargy: the Mode 2 wallbox that requires no installation, and can be fixed to the wall for charging wherever you want. Simply plug it into a normal wall socket to start charging. Chargy will also accompany you in the next steps: by connecting it to the meter with the intervention of a specialist, you can double the maximum charging power.

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Which vehicles can I charge with Chargy?

Chargy is prepared for charging all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. We recommend upgrading to charging mode 3 for charging electric vehicles in order to ensure more convenient charging times.

How does the Chargy upgrade work?

When plugged into the normal mains socket, the Chargy acts as a mode 2 charger, charging at a maximum of 10A (2.3kW). By having a professional installer connect it directly to the household mains, the Chargy will switch to charging mode 3, charging up to 20A (4.6kW).

Can I use Chargy outdoor?

Yes, Chargy is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation; a canopy is recommended to protect it from the rain.

Can I manually set the Chargy's charging power?

The Chargy’s charging power is normally fixed at 10A (2.3kW). If you upgrade to Chargy mode 3 (20A for 4.6kW), you can change the fixed power via our App. In addition, you will be able to purchase the Daze Dynamic Power Manager, a device that reads the household’s consumption and ensures that the vehicle is only ever supplied with the maximum available power. This prevents any blackouts or voltage drops when charging the car.