Charge at home

Compact. Simple. Efficient.

Dazebox C: where energy is born

It is pre-configured and ready for installation

It features a system that can be used to authorize and lock charging

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations

It is quick and simple to install, and we’re here to help

The start of the journey

Even the longest most adventurous journey starts from the garage. Where you can charge your electric vehicle in the simplest and most efficient way, thanks to Dazebox. Just plug it in the evening and you’ll be ready to go in the morning. Dazebox C charges safely and much more rapidly than any other standard vehicle charger. It can also be expanded with additional features, such as authorization and dynamic power management systems.

Still have questions?

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How is Dazebox installed?

The vehicle charging point procedure is divided into two stages: installing the power supply line and installing the Dazebox. The Dazebox must be connected to the main switchboard via a dedicated power line, protected against overloads and short circuits by a safety switch associated with a differential circuit breaker (in the case of domestic installations, a 3 conductor line must be used, consisting of phase, neutral and protective earth, protected by a dedicated safety switch). This work must be carried out by a qualified electrician since it is necessary to issue a declaration of conformity when modifying a switchboard and installing a new line, and this may only be done by an authorised person. Once the line is ready, it is possible to begin installing the Dazebox itself. First, open the cover and mount the unit on the wall, as described in the instructions. Next, feed the power line conductors through the dedicated opening and connect them to the input terminals inside the Dazebox, at this point, it is possible to close the cover again. If you are also installing the Dynamic Power Management unit, it is necessary to install another line connecting the switchboard to the Dazebox. Connect this cable to the Power Management Unit inside the switchboard and to the respective terminal block inside the Dazebox. To ensure it is installed correctly, the Dazebox power supply circuit must comply with the applicable regulations and be certified by a qualified electrician.

Can I install Dazebox outdoors?

Yes, Dazebox has been designed for both indoor and outdoor installations, provided an awning is used to protect it from the rain.

How long does it take to charge my car?

Use the following simple formula to estimate the charging time: Charging time (h) = Battery capacity (kWh) / Charging power (kW)

In practice, the battery charging power may vary, depending on the available power and the battery life optimisation function of the vehicle electronic systems.

How do I set-up the charging power on a Dazebox?

The Dazebox electrical circuit board includes a series of DIP-switches that can be used to configure the charging power, as well as other settings, such as the presence of the Dynamic Power Management unit and the Solar Boost. The procedure is described in detail in the installation manual supplied with your Dazebox device. Alternatively, it is possible to set-up certain parameters even more simply using the Daze app.