Green mobility finds its protagonist in the electric car, which gives those who use it reduced travel costs and is environmentally friendly as it reduces the carbon footprint. Zero-emission cars fit every need and meet all the needs of individuals and professionals as well as being increasingly chosen for company fleets. So let’s see how urban mobility works with the electric car and the advantages of choosing home charging systems.

The advantages of the electric car city by city

Public administrations allow those who drive an electric car to have free access to LTZs (limited traffic zones) and even parking on blue lines for owners of this car is free everywhere. This is why e-mobility is becoming increasingly popular for urban travel, especially for people working in city centres. From time to time the rules change, let’s see what the advantages of the electric car are in the main Italian cities, remembering to consult the municipality’s website online to find out more.

Electric car in Milan

In Milan, full electric BEVs and hybrid cars do not pay to enter Area B and electric cars also enter Area C, an advantage that hybrid cars with emissions above 100 g/Km will only have until October 2022. In addition to this, in Milan, electric cars can park for free in the yellow stripes for residents and in the blue chargeable strips with a digital permit issued by the municipality. The same facilitation also applies to electric and hybrid cars with emissions not exceeding 50 g/km. 

Electric car in Rome

Also in Rome, electric cars enter the LTZ after entering the number plate on the municipality’s portal, and hybrid cars after obtaining a permit. No parking fees are charged and no permits or parking stickers are required.

Electric cars in Turin

Owners of electric cars in Turin can access the LTZ, as can those who drive a hybrid car, but in this case only until 15 October 2022 by paying 50 per cent of the current rate. There are no discounts for parking on blue lines.

Electric car in Palermo

If you want to drive an electric or hybrid car in Palermo, you need a pass and will be able to access the restricted traffic zones free of charge. Parking spaces in the blue stripes are free for electric cars, hybrid cars are charged at a reduced rate.

Electric cars in Cagliari

In Cagliari, too, you have free access to LTZs and paid parking spaces if you only own an electric, non-hybrid car and apply for the pass online.

Why domestic recharging is preferred

When it comes to recharging the electric car, the specialists at DazeTechnology advise that home recharging is preferable. There are two techniques for refuelling the car at home:

  • plug it into a normal power outlet;
  • by installing special domestic charging stations.

Again, the second solution is the recommended one since the wallbox is designed to withstand high power for several hours at a time without melting or catching fire. Not only that: if the maximum power of the meter is 3 kW, recharging is slow and a normal household socket risks blowing up the electrical system.

In contrast, a wallbox such as DazeBox C from DazeTechnology is equipped with an intelligent energy management system, which balances the electricity in use and recharges the car using only the remaining available kW (thus avoiding continuous blackouts).

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